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Peace of mind for homeowners
Whether you are building a new home, purchasing an existing home, renovating your home, or restoring your home following a disaster, verification that the structure's materials are acceptably dry will benefit you in at least two ways:
  • Reduce the possibility of micro organism growth and the resulting odors in or on your building materials.
  • Reduce the construction defects typically found in structures that are built with wet materials, and slowly dry over an extended period of time. Common deficiencies include wallboard cracks, baseboard and finishing trim shrinkages, etc.
Discuss with your contractor how their construction practice provides you with a DryStandard™ Home*.
If you experienced a flood in your home, verify your restorer's approach to drying out the structure by asking for documentation during and at the end of the program. When you have a covered insurance claim, you are entitled to a home that has been returned to a 'pre-loss' condition. An inexpensive and responsible demonstration of their attention to this detail may include an IDSO report along with a Certificate of DryStandard™.
* DryStandardT Homes are structures that have been checked by an independent moisture content inspector, and have successfully met the grading criteria used in the IDSO DryStandard™ Report Software.