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Working toward a common goal
As a manufacturer of quality meters designed to evaluate the levels of moisture in materials, you are probably aware of the common misuse or misinterpretation of the tool you spent so much time developing. Or, perhaps you have heard individuals complain that they have an inspection challenge that you know your meters could have resolved! We have witnessed the same thing.

We feel that the IDSO DryStandard™ Report Software is the perfect solution to encourage the correct use and understanding of the many quality moisture detection instruments available to the building, restoration, inspection or engineering professional. The software is designed to comply as closely as possible with the directions in the manufacturer owner's manuals.

IDSO does not promote one meter brand over another. The intent of IDSO is to encourage the use of the many technologies available - even on the same inspection site. IDSO believes that there is a greater reliability on the conclusions of several technologies rather than a single reading. The more legs your chair has to rest upon, the less likely it is to tip over. Further, the formal document produced with the DryStandardT™ Report Software system is an improvement to the practice of collecting non-documented readings.

IDSO sees itself as a vested stakeholder in the meter manufacturer's efforts to improve the use of moisture evaluation devices.
  • We would be pleased to hear from you if you would like to list your tools in IDSO's database. This would only increase your meter's exposure to potential customers!
  • If there are improvements or suggestions on how the report could better display your meter's conclusions, we would be happy to work with you.
We want to thank you for the quality of tools that you have made available. The closer we can work together, the better the results for your clients. Contact IDSO