Why DryStandard™ > Builders
Documentation for a job well done
Quality construction firms are placing a heavier emphasis on building with materials that are acceptably dry. The overwhelming value to this trend is:
  • Reduced exposure to liability claims related to mold contaminated environments.
  • Reduced construction defect claims related to shrinking materials.
  • Added value for consumers seeking a higher level of quality construction.
The IDSO DryStandard™ Report was designed specifically with the builder and new homeowner in mind. Although it is a technical report, the language and layout are such that the readers will be able to clearly see that the materials were carefully examined and tested, and reasonable conclusions were documented. The accompanying Certificate of DryStandard™ is the homeowner's assurance that you are a builder that cares about your client's experience in your quality-built homes.
Through the use of an independent, qualified moisture content inspector, it is possible to provide your client with a DryStandard™ Home. The added value to the homeowner is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your building practice included attention to the future health, comfort and building quality for the new owners. The expense of providing this building feature is minimal compared to the added value your customers will receive.