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Increasing concern over moisture
Today, it is not uncommon for a real estate transaction experience to include repeated explicit warnings and signed legal exclusions related to the possible presence of mold in the structure. Mold is without question a very hot topic.
It is commonly understood that to prevent the growth of mold and other microorganisms, you must control the presence of moisture. In the course of a standard home inspection, many of the inspections are related to the evaluation of the structure's potential to leak or allow a moisture intrusion. It is indeed a very serious structural compromise if moisture is not controlled or the structure's engineering is faulty.
Added value for moisture-conscious consumers
Now, DryStandard™ Report Software makes it possible for home inspectors to produce a valuable addendum or component of a normal home inspection. When suspect areas are evaluated with quality moisture detection meters and the data collected and processed into a DryStandard™ Report, the inspector's conclusions may improve the value of the home inspection. It is always valuable if the inspector's conclusions can be documented in a printed document.
Why not improve your home inspection services by including a comprehensive moisture content evaluation? Download the DryStandard™ software today.