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How does it work?

It all starts with our unique DryStandard™ Report Software that helps you compile reading data, photos, insurance information and inspector comments.

Where do I run DryStandard™ Report Software?

The software is available for Windows Mobile Devices like Windows Mobile Professional Phones and Windows Mobile Classic Pocket PCs:

  • The Windows Mobile application is built to help you gather and organize readings while at an inspection job, as you work through the structure. This software will run on any Windows Mobile Professional or Classic device.

  • The IDSO DryStandard Server and Website helps you manage your Drying Jobs, sends sumary daily email E-Reports for the insurance adjusters, customers, or anyone else and creates detailed Reports of the Job to be submitted to the Insurance Adjuster.
What do I do with the project information and reading data I compile?
After you've used DryStandard™ Report Software to compile your reading data - along with photos, billing info, inspector comments, and more - you're ready to submit it to IDSO servers for processing, where the real magic happens. What happens on IDSO servers?

Automatic, manufacturer-specified reading corrections
If you look carefully at the owner's manual for your tools, you may find that the numeric value that a meter displays frequently needs to be adjusted by substrate, substrate temperature, and wood species (if applicable) to reflect an accurate value. In some cases, a reading may need to be adjusted by as much as 8 percentage points or more! That would mean when the meter reads 12% moisture content, the true value could be as low as 4% or as high as 20%. Failure to correct for this variance may produce tragic consequences!

When the inspector enters meter readings in DryStandard™ Report Software, the meter model, substrate, wood species, temperature, and reading type are all accounted for. We've created an engine that can apply corrections to the raw numbers you provide to produce adjusted true values, in accordance with meter manufacturer specifications.

For readings in controlled interior environments, the inspector specifies anticipated normal environmental conditions, and we extrapolate several related values that are used when considering the relative dryness of the materials there.

Technical report
Our server-side engine takes the inspector's raw numbers, applies corrections, calculates supplementary data points, and wraps the whole thing up as a beautiful, downloadable color technical report in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file format. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This report contains all your data, plus graphics and charts, to indicate how close each inspection site approximates a DryStandard™ for the locality and date.

Try it today!
Download a trial of this exciting software today! We're confident that you'll love what IDSO can do for you.