Why DryStandard™ > Adjusters
While representing the interests of both the insured and the insurance carrier, and considering the actions of the restorer, the adjuster's obligations are admittedly complicated. DryStandard™ Report Software makes the adjuster's job simpler.

Restorative drying costs may be kept to minimum while documenting that the project was responsibly restored. Far too often there are conflicts between several parties on the time necessary to restore the moisture content in materials to a 'pre-loss' condition. After all, a compromised material due to excessive moisture is not always readily apparent!

DryStandard™ Report Software establishes the target moisture content condition based on geographical zone and historical weather data. Additionally, manufacturer recommended meter corrections are performed on behalf of the inspector and documented in a comprehensive technical report.

DryStandard™ Report Software makes it easier to do it right than to do it wrong.