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The media has become very vocal in alerting the public to the consequences of excess moisture left in (or built into) a structure. Excessively wet structures frequently support mold and other microorganism growth, which has been determined to be detrimental to the health and well-being of the occupants. Many materials that lose moisture will shrink in size, and may lead to cosmetic flaws such as cracked walls and paint.

Meters are guides, not gods
Even when builders, restorers, and inspectors conscientiously work to ensure that a structure is sufficiently dry, the meters they use may give misleading values, unless corrections are made per the manufacturer's specifications. They require responsible use and a clear understanding of how to understand the values they display, which can vary depending on environmental conditions and substrate. Many well-intentioned professionals are simply unaware of how to correct and interpret their meter readings.

Long-term documentation
Further, in a court of law, it is often the case that if it hasn't been documented, it never happened. Perhaps the most important piece of documentation in any construction or restoration project is the one that demonstrates that the materials were acceptably dry or restored to a pre-loss condition.

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