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Beautiful, printable, presentable, technical reports
DryStandard Report Software enables you to work in a systematic, organized manner, with attention to details that might otherwise be overlooked.

But the IDSO system is more than just the software that you use. We have sophisticated processing on our servers that takes the data you collect and puts together a solid technical report suitable for presentation to your clients, insurance adjusters, or others who would like documentation of the moisture content in building materials.
See how environmental conditions change over time
DryStandard™ servers plot your environmental readings (temperature and relative humidity for each environment that you specify) on a chart by date, along with anticipated interior and historical exterior data for the structure locality. The result is a useful chart showing trendlines and "normal" conditions that help to establish where the structure is in its drying process.
Data at a glance
After performing corrections on your raw reading data per meter manufacturer specifications, the DryStandard™ report plots the value on a "meter guage"-style icon for easy reference. The low end of the scale is the normal EMC based on anticipated or historical environment data.
Clear, beautiful presentation
Accurate information is obviously the first consideration in any technical report, but clear, attractive presentation is what makes a good report great. Your company logo, address, phone number, and lead inspector's name appear on the cover sheet, along with a job number you specify, to create a beautiful, customized presentation.
Printable certificates
IDSO reports are all about giving you the information you need, at the level of detail you need. At the end of each report is a conclusion section with an overview of the key figures and a pass/fail grade. Structures that pass receive an IDSO Certificate of DryStandard™ with your company logo and space for the lead inspector's signature.
Sample report downloads
These sample reports were generated using DryStandard™ Report Software and give genuinely real examples of the reports that you can generate for your clients using our system. The files are Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.
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