dry standard
Update 3/28/2011

We are proud to announce the release of the DryStandard™ Report Software Version 2.1. Now available on Windows PC (Desktop / Notebook / Tablet) Computers.

We have been working hard to make this the best Restorative Drying Reporting Software available in the industry.

You can read more about this revolutionary software and what it can do for you.

To learn more about being a licensed user of the DryStandard Report Software, please register with the IDSO here.

Is it dry?
With the undesirable consequences that result from damp materials being left in new and restored structures, consumers as well as professionals in the construction, restoration, and insurance industries are prudently asking for verification that their structure is "dry."

What is "dry"?
But determining whether a structure is acceptably dry can be more complex that it seems. Historical climate, inspection tool brand and model, material temperature, wood species, and other factors all must be taken into account to create a reliable picture of whether a structure can be said to be in a normal moisture content condition.

Was the drying strategy effective?
For the first time, restoration professionals are able to easily report the actual forces of evaporation created with their drying strategy. This isn’t stated with measures of relative humidity… or grains per pound… or some other obscure scientific phrase. No, the DryStandard™ Report Software makes it easy to understand for anyone with a grade school education. Claims of ‘smoke and mirrors’ – and the subsequent disputes are now a thing of the past. It’s about time!

Finally – instant recommendations for the restoration professional
Are you tired of the arm-chair quarterbacks that want to say how you failed to employ an effective drying strategy? Where were they (and their so-called expertise) at the time the project was underway? The DryStandard™ Report Software actually measures the forces of drying and produces scientifically sound recommendations to enhance the drying processes. Industry dehumidifier formulas do NOT report the forces of drying. They are for initial dehumidification recommendations ONLY. We finally have a tool, FOR restorers, made BY restorers – that actually supports restorers with reports that use scientifically sound conclusions. Industry new-comers can now easily execute the drying decisions found among ‘drying gods’. It’s about time!

No more duplicate data entry – Completely paperless
One of the most annoying elements of drying documentation is the need to collect data on the jobsite, and then reenter the data into computers when you return to the office. DryStandard™ Report Software resides in the memory of your cell phone and operates off the computer within your cell phone. This paperless system even automatically reports the drying progress to all interested parties in as long as it takes to hit your email send button. It’s about time!

The International DryStandard™ Organization
We offer software to aid inspectors in performing a systematic and thorough moisture inspection of structures. After a structure is inspected, our breakthrough software performs a series of meter manufacturer recommended corrections on the readings, such as those required for wood species and temperature. Our software then generates an automatically dispersed e-mail summary of the project along with a comprehensive technical report with valuable graphics and supplemental data points that aid in the evaluation of the relative dryness of the inspection sites in the structure. If the structure has met DryStandard™ conditions, an IDSO Certificate of DryStandard™ is included with the report. This report is available for printing just seconds after submitting the collected data to IDSO servers for processing.